Parents' and children's feedback

We would love to hear from you. In our feedback section we provide opportunity for parents, as well as children, to share their comments.
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I cannot praise Justyna and her team enough!

My son was extremely anxious and nervous of the water when he first started swimming lessons with Koi Swim School, but thanks to their techniques, effort, dedication and care, he is now a confident swimmer who loves being in the water!! I never thought he would reach the ability he has and I can’t recommend them highly enough.
I am looking forward to starting lessons with my 3 year old next term.
Thank you so much Justyna!
Laura Carter
Justyna has been absolutely amazing with my son during his lessons. I have used a number of other swim schools for both my children but none compare to Justyna @ Koi.

She works with his nerves and encourages him, and this has made him into a confident swimmer so far! He enjoys his lessons and I enjoy watching him grow in confidence each week!
Becki Champion-Lemon
I just wanted to take the time to say how amazing I think Koi Swim School is and Justyna in particular. Before Koi we tried 4 other swim schools/classes - non of which Jack enjoyed or felt confident in and as a result he was scared of the water and swimming. To see him enjoy swimming right from the first class to now feeling so proud of himself for achieving his little swimming goals makes both of us very happy! Thank you Justyna!
Emma Harrington
We joined Koi swim school this term, my son loves the water and is getting more and more confident each week. The teacher is very encouraging.
The pool is in a beautiful setting and warm which helps his attention span as previous swim schools the pool is too cold for my little one. We are excited about going next term.
Sian & Ronnie
Justyna is amazing with the children. She makes them feel calm in the water, despite their ability. My daughter was frightened of putting her face in the water and now she’s actually swimming! I would thoroughly recommend Koi.
Sarah Lowis
Our daughter has been attending Koi Swim School since January and we are delighted with her progress. Her confidence in the pool has greatly improved and she happily takes on any tasks during the lessons like retrieving the rings from the bottom of the pool. Before we started the sessions, our daughter would not even put her face in the water so the progress she has made with Justyna is fantastic. We have just enrolled for a third term with Koi Swim School and our daughter cannot wait to return after the school holiday.
Lindsay Jones
From the start I’ve been very impressed with how the team at Koi Swim School have listened to our child’s needs. They’ve been both encouraging and nurturing, ensuring our child enjoys the lessons and is able to partake at their own pace while still progressing. We feel very lucky to have Justyna teaching our child and she has our utmost thanks.
James Fransella
My daughter just loves learning to swim with Justina! So Patient and attentive. I would 100% recommend KOI SWIM SCHOOL.
Julie Thornton
My children have enjoyed learning to swim with Koi swim school. Justyna and the other teachers are very patient, kind and encourage the children very much and this helps builds their confidence, which is excellent.
Adetoun Awoyemi
My little one loves taking part in the lessons.
Iwona Koziel
Very supportive, caring and patient teachers.
Carolina Rivas
Love the lessons. Justyna is amazing! Great fun all round and my little boy is finally water confident.
Fiona Campbell
We love your classes!
Camille Graham-Smith
Holly absolutely adores her swimming classes and is progressing week on week.
Justyna always greets the children with the brightest smile, makes them feel completely at ease and has created a very successful swimming programme that they all seem to love. Really can’t fault Justyna and her team at all!
Katie Gilding
I can’t believe how much my son’s swimming and confidence has improved in such a short space of time. In just a few months he has gone from not wanting to put his head under and not wanting to let go of me, to independently doing lengths using a swimming noodle, floating on his own, and happily diving under water using goggles! Really impressed by the teaching and the methods used.
Jo Read
I cannot recommend Justyna and her team enough. I joined Koi after my previous swim teacher let me down as she was not empathetic nor helpful when my little one was struggling. Justyna and her team care so much about the little ones, their development, their understanding and their safety.  They are also fab with us parents who are also learning! My little one is always reminding us we have swimming, she has a spring in her step when she knows it's time to go and she has improved her confidence in the pool no end, and this is solely down to Justyna and her team.
Suzanna Travers
It has been fantastic to see my son gradually gain his confidence after 3 years out of the pool due to ear infections/perforations. Thank you for being so patient with him.
Amy Victoria Smith
Both our kids have done really well due to careful and enthusiastic teaching with some well worked out methods.
Simon Robinson
Henry has come a long way from when he started aged 3 I believe. Justyna is the best swimming teacher I have ever met.
Melissa Waters
Justyna is a brilliant teacher. She puts the children at ease with her calm and patient manner.
Leila Farhangi-Farrell
Both of my children swim with Koi and love it. They have both developed so much and are both confident in the water which is all down to their brilliant teaching. I couldn’t be more thankful. Having taken my 3 year old swimming since she was 4 months, she’s developed more in 5 months with Koi that 3 years elsewhere!
Katherine Savage
My daughters swimming has come on leaps and bounds since she joined Koi. After trying 2 other swimming companies I was beginning to wonder if we would ever find the right answer. Koi has been excellent - the difference was evident after the first session.
Suzie Askew
Our 3.5 year old loves his Koi swim lessons and we're so pleased with how his confidence is developing in the water, thanks to Justyna and her team. Justyna's approach is nurturing and calm at all times. We're excited for our 8 month old to start her own lessons, we're sure she'll enjoy them as much as her brother.
Claire McMahon Brown
Justyna is amazing. We really look forward to come to the class each week.
Mana Golsorkhi
Koi has been a brilliant swim school for our family. Our older son learnt to swim with Justyna and our younger is currently learning and doing so well. Justyna is brilliant with the kids and really helps them to swim to high standard.
Ciara Elks
We have seen our daughter’s water confidence really blossom with KOI. Taya is a wonderful teacher and we look forward to our lesson every week.
Mellissa Scamporlino
Justyna has helped build the confidence of both my girls in the water. My eldest in particular has gone from never wanting to put her face in the water to now confidently swimming underwater and enjoying it!
Emma Laisby
My 10 month old absolutely loves KOI and Taya is an amazing teacher. To see him kicking away so happily, as well as being so confident both above and below the water is wonderful.
Helen Milestone
Henry absolutely loves his swimming lessons and Taya is an excellent teacher.
Swimming is our favourite part of the week and it's really exciting to see the progress he is making.
Rebecca Claire Archer
Justyna has be fantastic with my son. She has really built up his confidence and is so encouraging. My son looks forward to his swimming lesson every week.
Steph Ellis
Love it! Justyna is an amazing teacher - really nice lessons.
Fiona Kilgarriff Campbell
I’m so glad I started my son’s swimming journey with Koi: we started a class when he was 11 I weeks old and the first few sessions were challenging but Taya is such an amazing teacher and supported my son and I through this. He now loves the water and splashes as much as he can!
Esther Smytheman

Justynna is a superstar!

Justynna is a superstar! She has taught all three of my children and I was fortunate to have my children swim with her pre Koi’s Creation. My boys swam with her from 12 weeks and are both extremely confident in all 4 strokes. Xx
Peta Blow
KOI swim school has fantastic teachers who are excellent at tailoring their teaching style to meet individual needs. Their teaching is so supportive and full of positivity.
Hazel Crompton

“My children, aged 6 and 8, have had swimming lessons from Koi for the last 6 years and they are wonderful swimmers now!

Justyna (the lead teacher) is passionate about teaching swimming in a way that truly engages the children in an enjoyable way. She has a special intuitive understanding and connection with those children who are a little anxious and she can produce amazing results in the water.

Each child is assessed and placed in the correct stage for their ability rather than age, and enjoyment is always central to the teaching.

Teaching is done as a small group lesson and private sessions are available too, which really can help to build extra confidence if needed.

It is wonderful teaching and great fun for the children too. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.”

Jo- Epsom

“Koi Swim School are effective, fun, reliable, consistent and friendly.

They have taught both of my children to swim.

The lessons are in small groups and the teachers differentiate to give individual support or challenges to those children that need it. Justyna is friendly and approachable and all her staff are of an excellent standard.

If you want your child to learn a life skill then using Koi Swim School to teach your child to swim is an excellent investment in your child.”


“I can highly recommend Koi Swim School. We have been with them for the past 1.5 years and my child has impressively improved their ability to swim. The teachers there are very friendly and helpful.”

Monika Corbin
Justyna is amazing. My son absolutely loves his class with her as she’s managed to turn a rather tense little boy into one who loves the water. I have seen how she’s takes the time to get to know each child for who they are, changing her approach to ensure they learn in a way they need it without pressure, but without giving up . I’ll be forever grateful for what she’s given to my son in helping him  to love water, as well as to learn to trust himself. Thank you !
Carol Evans
Absolutely love swimming lessons with both my girls. Taya has been incredible with my strong willed 3 year old. Through patience and kindness she’s come from a place where she hates getting her face wet to jumping in and going under the water. I can’t thank her enough.

Justyna is also incredible. My 10 month old absolutely loves lessons. Seeing her enjoy the water so much and become so confident is beautiful. My only regret is I didn’t switch my 3 year old to start with Koi sooner!
I’ve also learnt so much and can only thank both teachers for their encouragement and guidance.
Both my boys love swimming with KOI. Taya is incredible. Her fun, patient approuch has instilled confidence in a very nervous swimmer. 
When Benjamin started he wouldn't even get in the pool but through Taya's encouragement and direction he's now excited before every class!
Oliver is really coming on too and even enjoys going underwater for the rings - something I didn't think I'd ever see.
Thank you Taya! You've made my children love the water!!
Since Jasmine + Maximus have been swimming with Taya their confidence has come on massivly.
Maximus wouldn't put his eyes in the water and had a fear of it for years.
Together with Taya he now swims confidently with his eyes in and independently.
Taya has been increadibly patient and very adaptive to each of the childrens needs.
Cannot sing Taya's praises highly enough. Lois has excelled in her swimming lessons, and that's all down to Taya's spot-on teaching style. She is patient, kind, funny and firm when needed. She really engages the little ones and encourages them to try new skills. We've had a few different swimming classes as we've moved around but KOI has always been the best and I highly recommend the classes especially if your child is unconfident.
If ever we have to move from Taya's classes, we will miss her hugely!
Lucy Parley
Freya loves her swimming lesson every week.
She would stay in the water for hours if she could. 
Toby's progress since starting lessons with Justyna has been amazing.He has always enjoyed being in the water, but he is now a confident swimmer who has learnt a very important life skill in a surprisingly short space of time.
Toby enjoys his lessons and looks forward to them each week.
Thank you!!
I'm really pleased with the boys progress in their swimming ability and confidence this yaer.
Thank you for always continuing to work hard towards these goals.
Georgia really enjoys her lessons with Justyna despite still being a little afraid of going under the water!
Justyna makes her feel safe & comfortable and always give lots encouragement & positivity!
Impressed with the progress Amaia has made, especially as she is usually very tired after a full week at school.
Justyna is very good at keeping Amaia engaged and wanting to try her best.
We don't want to give up our lessons with Taya.
The kids love swimming with KOI.
We've been coming here for nearly 4 years & their swimming is excellent for their ages.
Both Justyna & Taya are strong compassionte teachers. Brilliant for both my sensitive girl & strong willed boy.
Helen Hatton
I'm more than happy with KOI Swim. They are passionate teachers and care for children.
Prior to starting with Emmamy older daughter was frightened of even getting into the water.
Now she's confident and even able to put her head into the water. My younger daughter has also made a huge progress.
They've both really taken to Emma and looking forward to each lesson.
My 5 year old twins and 7 year old sone have only been learning with Taya for a term but I can clearly see a huge improvement in their ability and confidence.
Davina Askew
Emma is just fantastic. She has such a warm + friendly nature and my daughter has gone from strenght to strenght over the last few weeks.
Personally I have found KOI to be very flexiable + will to help + accomodate you as best as possible. It's been such ashame there has been no intrest in the 3.30 Wednesday preschoolers class.

Look forward to seeing you again in September.
Teachers have such patience & care. Boost children confidence.
Our girls are now learning technique in their strokes. They are going from strenght to strenght.
Absolutely love KOI SWIM. Justyna is fabulous and really helps our daughter.
Doing a 2-1 means she can address any concerns right away and really helps motivate the kids as well. She's patience and kind but can also be firm when it's needed. I would absolutely recommend Koi swim (and already have been).
The only thing I would change would be to rope off a section of the pool so the swim in uninteruppted. (However Justyna really makes it work).
Great teacher. Very patient.
Jack has progressed so much since joining KOI SWIM SCHOOL.
Justyna is a natural, fantastic teacher.
Our child has improved so much in the last year. Outstanding teaching by Justyna.
Justyna is patient, carrying and treats you like you're the only child she is teaching. Justyna is tactile with our son which has been really good. He trusts Justyna.
Justyna is the most amazing teacher. From the very first class she made our son feel safe and comfortable.
In such a quick time Justyna has helped Jose progress from being terrified of water to completing lengths on his own.
Justyna has something special and we feel incredibly lucky to have her teach Jose.
We are very happy with the progress Izzy has made.
Her teacher Justyna gives her great confidence in the water.
We are very impressed how quickly Izzy has developed. The one-one lessons made all the difference.
We are very happy. Izzy loves it!
I could not ask for more in swimming teacher.
Justyna is kind, encouraging and adapts her teaching to the child she is teaching.
My daughter has special needs and in a matter of months has gone from not wanting to go in the water to jumping in and swimming. I had never dreamed this was possible.
Thank you.
Justyna has a wonderfull way with children, no wonder they improved so much.
Justyna is a very calm, patient and kind teacher.
She has taught both my daughters for 3 years and both girls look forward to their Friday lessons with her. She encourages and pushes the children, she corrects technique and varies her lesson plans to ensure the children do not get bored. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her lessons - she is brilliant :-)
Mandy Jensen
Justyna is a very calm and patient teacher. She, Taya and Emma have taught my children for more than 6 years and not only are they competent swimmers now, they are confident in the water and have been excellent skills in water safety.
Thank you very much to Team KOI!
Justyna provides a safe and caring environment for bubba's to learn how to swim and build their confidence in the water. As a new mummy and somewhat apprehensive to the whole 'dunking/diving/underwater' experience Justyna worked at my speed and took great care to ensure I was happy and confident enabling me to feel secure when trying a new stage/level with my daughter.
Class sizes are small so you gain from individual attention. Justyna is very in tune with both mummy and baby - I can't recommend the classes highly enough.
Justyna is a fantastic teacher, so warm and friendly.
My daughter is a bit cautious in the water, but Justyna's lessons are making her much more enthusiastic and confident.
Excellent teaching from both Taya & Justyna over the 3 years both my children have been coming.
Always feel their safety in the water is their primary concern.
Always very happy and positive with the kids.
Pleased too when you are strict with the children (especially the girls who get easly distracted).
Ava & Stanley both really enjoy their swimming lessons with Justyna & have progressed so much (especially Ava).
Justyna is alble to give them confidence in themselves whilst still being able to push them to progress.
We have tried other swim schools but have definitely found KOI to be the best one.
What a difference half a term with Justyna made! My little boy went from being anxious in the water to happy and content. We have tried 3 different swimming classes in the last 5 years and he has always hated them and cried before each lesson. Justyna and Emma made swimming fun, engaging and enjoyable and he actually looks forward to his lessons. He has always hated having water on his face and in 4 sessions he was diving down under the water and nearly swimming on his own!
Thank you.
Frankie and David Hooper
Joseph and Lucy thoroughly enjoy their lessons wth Emma. Her positive encouragement and clear demonstrations make the class fun,
Dan & Harry have improved significantly since starting with KOI. I love the fact they swim so much even though there are 6 in the class. Have recommended KOI to a number of friends!
We love swimming with Emma & Justyna!
Lillie looks forward to her lessons every week + her confidence has grown enormously.
I have a 6 year old son with high functioning autism and although he loves water we had struggled to find a swim school that was able to get him successfully swimming. A year ago my son began 1:1 lessons with Justyna; we were delighted and surprised to find he was independently swimming within a few lessons and has since gone from strength to strength! Justyna is a wonderful swimming teacher and I thoroughly recommend her.

My son had lessons with Justyna when he was little and we’ve had to move around a bit to fit around school timings, and I’ve never found any of the classes to be as good as hers. He now learns with school. However, once his little sister started lessons, I thought of Justyna immediately and she is so patient and calm and energising and in control. She keeps the class fun and also stops any messing around on the side that happens when the little ones are waiting their turn! Once my daughter moved on from baby classes we started with Taya and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough for little ones. She just knows how to talk to them and keep the engaged and listening and safe, she’s fantastic. My daughter had to stop lessons for a few months due to ear infections, and when she came back she had lost some confidence. Taya helped her build it back up and she’s progressed so much in a short space of time. My daughter loves her and insists on hugging her after each lesson! I recommend Justyna, Taya and Koi classes to everyone, I’ve never ever found a class that’s so in control or instructors that know how to talk to the kids in the right way or lessons that get such consistent progression out of my children, who can both swim thanks to Koi. Quality lessons with professional, child-friendly instructors and money extremely well spent, without any doubt.
Lucy Parley

Koi has made both my sons love swimming and be so confident in the water. I really can't say enough about Koi's encouragment, praise, and pushing boundaries which any swim school would find hard to beat.



Rachel Rollason
We have followed Justyna to various venues because she is such a great teacher. Sam has been swimming with her for over 3 years now, he loves swimming and is so confident in the water. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her!
Cath Weight
Confident happy children at swimming who have progressed well. Justyna is amazing with them she has full focus from all the children in the class.
Lisa Moss
Justyna is a patient and understanding teacher who inspires confidence in children at all levels of ability. She focuses strongly on getting the technique of swimming right but also somehow manages to make the lessons fun! My 2 year old and 6 year old look forward to their lessons. They are happy and confident in the water which is just what I wanted for them!
Lynn Beaton
Justyna has been teaching both our daughters since they were just 12 weeks old. Our 3 year old loves the water and is such a confident and happy swimmer. It is all down to Justyna's teaching; she runs her classes with energy and calm guidance. And as a result, we both look forward to her classes every week. My littlest daughter also loves her lessons and I know she will be confident and safe in the water just like her sister. Thank you!
Camilla Lloyd and Tom Hughes
Emily's progress has been fantastic since Justyna has been teaching her. Especially once I was out of the pool! Emily (3) has total trust in Justyna and absolutely loves her swimming lessons. She can now swim over 10m. We are so happy we can continue with Justyna for another year. I would (and have) wholeheartedly recommend KOI SWIM SCHOOL to anyone.
Jane Nelson
Justyna is quite simply the best swimming teacher for little ones that I have come across. We moved abroad for a year and my daughter lost all her confidence in the water due to poor teaching. Within a few lessons of returning to Justyna, she has regained her confidence and is extremely comfortable in the water now. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Elizabeth Mucha
My son has been swimming with Justyna since he was 3 months and he's now 3 years old. She's a fantastic teacher - confident and fun, and this inspires confidence in both parents and kids. Her classes are so well structured that the kids don't get bored, but she also knows their limits and has a natural instinct for how far she can stretch them. It's amazing to watch her calm and inspire a child who's feeling unsure in the water. Just fantastic. I can't recommend her highly enough.
Andrea Oakenfull
Justyna has taught my 4 year son for almost a year. He loves her classes and it is amazing to see how far they come each term. Justyna is calm, gentle and a teacher always in control. Her lessons are structured and yet take in the needs of all children in the class. I have no hesitation in recommending Justyna as a fantastic swim teacher!
Sarah Entwistle
Justyna is a fantastic swimming teacher. My two children love their lessons and is the highlight of their week. They are both confident swimmers and love the water. Justyna pushes them based on their ability which means they develop at their own rate. It is lovely to see them both grow with confidence each week. We travel nearly 45 minutes to swim with Justyna and it is worth every minute. We loom forward to swimming with you for many years to come!
Nicola Byam-Cook
On the 17th November my little boy turned 3. Today, the 21st of November, he swam 15 metres, a whole length completely on his own. My little girl who is 20 months old can pick up rings off the bottom of a pool. When we were on a family holiday in France this summer she accidentally fell in a swimming pool, but she did not sink, she remained on the surface ready for her dad to scoop her out. They have both been swimming with Justyna since they were 11 weeks old, and what she does with them is amazing. I am regularly told what fantastic swimmers they are for such young ages, and am willing to tell anyone in return how amazing Justyna has been with them both. Thanks for being a wonderful teacher Justyna. Our whole family gets so much from swimming, and we have you to thank for it. The kids really love you and we all look forward to our weekly classes and what they achieve at such young ages under your caring tutoring.
Polly Germain
Picking the right swim school for my daughter was a very tough decision but I am so glad I picked Koi. Justyna is fantastic with the kids and the classes are varied and fun. My daughter has come on so well since starting swimming lessons earlier in the year and Justyna's classes are the highlight of her week. The pool setting is great and the class is fully equipped. I have met some good people there too. Well worth the money.
Tony Sweetman
I’m very pleased with KOI Swimming Class. Justyna is very good motivating the kids to swim. My son is always looking forward to attend his Sunday swim class.
Resa Hechanova
Justyna is an amazing teacher. She is very caring and she certainly gets the results. The children enjoy swimming and become very confident. I would highly recommend KOI SWIM SCHOOL to any parent who wants their child to learn to swim to a high standard in a calm, enjoyable environment.
Ciara Elks
Justyna has been teaching our daughter Elizabeth since she was 6 weeks old. She has an extremely calm manner with children and she makes learning fun by the way she treats children of various age groups with understanding and respect. Elizabeth trusts her implicitly which has resulted her now being very confident in water and able to swim unaided at the age of 3 ? years old. Thank you Justyna for being such a great teacher. We are so happy that we found you!
Hayley Ormrod
My son Max has been swimming with Justyna since he was 4 months old. 3 and a half years on he is always excited for his lesson. Justyna is a fabulous teacher and the children and parents both adore her! She also gets fantastic results from the kids. Max was so proud to get his 10m badge at the end of last year. As a South African who grew up swimming I'm really impressed that he can swim so far unaided at such a young age. Our second baby is due next month and I've already asked Justyna to book us onto the classes starting after summer. I cannot recommend Justyna enough, if you're looking for lessons for your children, look no further!
Lisa Thomas
Justyna is the best start any child (and parent) could wish for in swimming. Justyna is wonderful with the children and her gentle, intuitive teaching methods have been instrumental to my daughter's confidence in the water. I grew up in Australia, so learning to swim is very important to me as it was so much a part of my childhood and a life saving skill. I am proud that when back in Australia, Mia gets compliments for her confidence and ability in the water. We love Justyna to bits, and would have no hesitation in recommending her.
Nina Tjarks
My son has been having lessons with Justyna for 6 months now and absolutely loves it. He has gained so much confidence in the water and we both look forward to our sessions every week - it is the highlight of our weekend! Justyna is a complete natural with children of all ages and normally timid and shy toddlers seem to be instantly at ease with her. I am recommending her lessons to all my friends!
Helen Feeney
My son has been swimming with Justyna since he was 9 weeks old and continues to do so, now aged 3. Her firm but nurturing teaching style is fantastic and my son loves the water as a result. What's particularly good is that Justyna teaches the kids properly from the outset, they've never used armbands or inflatables such that my son can now swim confidently and safely in the water without dependency. We follow her (for swimming lessons!) wherever she goes, she's that good!
Naseem Walker
All three of my children have learnt to swim with Justyna who is quite simply the best swimming teacher I have come accross. She has a fantastic way with children; she is firm and really gets them working but is also so kind, caring and encouraging letting them develop at their own pace. She also teaches them great technique and it is a pleasure to watch them swim so confidently. I just wish I had been lucky enough to have had a teacher like Justyna when I was young!
Nadine Castillo-Bernaus
One of the best decisions I ever made when I had my first daughter was to enrol in one of Justyna's classes when she was eight months old. Three years on and Ava is a confident little swimmer, who absolutely delights in being in the water. I'm now back with baby number two who, at almost seven months, has no qualms swimming underwater. I would recommend Justyna to any parent - she has a wonderful rapport with children and brings out the very best in all of them. I've never seen so many little people listen quite so intently as they do to Justyna, which is testimony to her calm, encouraging nature.
Ginnie Le Mestre
My son, who is nearly 5, loves going to his swimming lessons and has come on so quickly in just one term. He is really confident and happy in the water which is lovely to see. We would highly recommend Justyna, she is a brilliant teacher!
Mernie Reisner
Justyna has taught both our boys from 12 weeks old. She is quite simply brilliant and we couldn't recommend her more highly. Despite moving house, we made the journey back to our old area to keep up the swimming classes with Justyna as we didn't want to lose her. Our boys, now 1 and 3 both really enjoy swimming every week and are completely confident in the water. Sign up to her swim school today!
Chantal Hannah
Justyna taught my older daughter from the age of about 18 months and with her Alice really grew in confidence and is now a good swimmer at the age of just 5. I like to think Justyna taught my younger daughter from the womb onwards as she attended Alice's classes in utero and then in person from about 12 weeks. Lauren has always been very relaxed in the water thanks to Justyna's calm, patient yet challenging approach. Now at 3 other parents are astonished as Lauren throws herself into the pool and swims competently on her own. We all love Justyna and thoroughly recommend her tuition.
Isobel Clarke
I am on baby number 2 with Justyna and we all love her! My oldest boy is 3 now and is so happy and confident in the water. Justyna is fantastic at really taking each lesson at the right pace for each child. We have followed Justyna to a new pool and will stick with her as long as we can! I would recommend everyone to this swim school.
Nikki O`Rourke
Justyna is a true gem. Sophie who is three and a half started when she was 4 months old and Lily now 22 months at the tender age of just 8 weeks. We have always travelled the extra mile to attend classes at the venues she teaches at as there is just something special about her way with children.

She is incredibly calm and fun and gains their trust quickly and she gets great results. She provides superb customer service to the parents too, always fair and accommodating. And my girls adore her!
Thank you and long may it continue
Lindsay Smith
Justyna has taught both my daughter and youngest son to swim. They both started as new borns, barely a few weeks old. They loved being in the water straight away. Both were swimming independently at 2. They had no fear of the water at any stage, and absolutely love swimming as a result. It has been wonderful to know that from very early on they were safe around and in the water. We all love Justyna, who has such a wonderful natural way with the children. And the lessons have always been really great fun for the kids.
Liz Day
My eldest son started swimming with Justyna when he was about six months old, my second son was even younger. I came back to Justyna with my second as she was SO brilliant with my first. Both my boys adore her and so do I. She is amazing with the children and neither of them have any fear of water whatsoever, which I put down to the fantastic swimming classes they've had. I trust Justyna completely with my children. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending these classes. Enabling your children to swim is one of the most important things you can do. Doing it through KOI with Justyna is one of the best ways you can do it. Thanks for everything Justyna.
Jane Galloway
My daughter loves going swimming, she has improved so much since she has started. Kayley is now a confident swimmer and that is all thanks to Justyna' s kindness, love, care and hard work. Thank you for always making swimming a pleasure to go to.
Mrs Goodbrand
Thank you Justyna for being a totally fantastic swimming teacher, my daughters have come on so much with you and I now actually envy their lovely style of swimming even though they are only 7 and 9.
Samantha Wyatt
I love jumping in the pool and staying still like floating. I like being a shark.
Elliot 4 yrs old
I like doing the front crawl and back stroke. My teacher makes it fun.
Sebbie 7 yrs old
I love swimming, especially getting the rings from the bottom and being a starfish.
Henry 5 yrs old
Dear Justyna, I loved swimming in the pool and doing the breaststroke It was really fun. I loved swimming backstroke.
Aylin 6 yrs 6 months
I feel very happy when I’m in the pool and you teach me because it makes me feel all nice when I swim. My favourite is breast stroke and also jumping in and turning round to race back to the side!
Holly 6 yrs 7 months
I like it. Because I like swimming. And I love my teacher.
Matthew 6 yrs 5 months
Justyna writes down clever things about swimming and copies them in the lesson. I like swimming and walking the plank and jumping in the water.
Theo 5y 2mths
My favourite part of swimming is being deep under water so that I can feel the bottom of the pool. I also like breast stroke because it feels nice having to pull yourself up. I really enjoy swimming and I have learnt a lot.
Eloise 8y 6mths
I like everything because swimming is fun.
Oliver 6y 9mths
Justyna is the best swimming teacher in the world.
Max 5 yrs 4 months
I am always excited because I learn something new I like it because I do front crawl.
Charlotte 7 yrs 5 months
I always feel happy in every lesson because I am confident I like it because I wear the magic backpack.
Amy 4 yrs
I am Looking forward's to doing some more swimming but I'm not so sure. I absolutely love diving through the hoop. It makes me feel like I'm a dolphin. And I just love jumping of the mat. it makes me feel like I'm a real swimming girl
Sophie 5 yrs and 4 months
I love the diving and going underwater getting the rings the best. My favourite is going on Mummy's back.
Maya 3 yrs and 4 months
I like swimming with Justyna because it's fun. My favourite thing is front crawl.
Ava 5 yrs and 3 months
I asked Marcus today what he thought of your lessons and he said 'they are good'. I then asked 'what is good about them?' and he said, 'all of them'! I think all of them and you are wonderful too!! ;)
Jo x Marcus 3yrs and 6 months
I like that I can go underwater and jumping.
George 3yrs and 7 months
Jumping in the pool. I love that!
George 3yrs and 1 month
I love all of it! Justyna is so kind.
Lily 3yrs and 7 months
I love going swimming with Justyna. I have been going for so long since I was really small and she has made me swim like a mermaid. She is the best and I am very lucky to have her teaching me. I never want to stop my lessons and I love my lessons so much.
Darcey 6yrs and 11 months
I like Justyna because she does lots of good swimming things like jumping in and diving through the hoop. And I can swim to the bottom with my sisters goggles on.
Chiara 4 years old
I swam all the way to the other end of the swimming pool by myself! (epic 15 metre swim) I want to do it again next week.
Leia 3 yrs and 2 months
I love swimming with Justyna! My favourite thing is jumping in.
Elsa 3 yrs and 2 months
I love running across the blue mat and diving through a hoop. I like Justyna.
Micah 3 yrs and 4 months
I love it I love it!
Millie 3 yrs and 4 months