Swimming lessons for children

Fostering Lifelong Swimmers: Combining Enjoyment with Excellence in Non-Competitive Child-Centric Swimming Lessons. Nurturing the Little Champions: Crafting a Balanced, Mindful and Passionate Swimming Journey for Every Child.

We offer effective, fun-filled swimming lessons for children as we believe that learning and enjoyment should go hand in hand. With a friendly and gentle approach, we create a relaxed environment for our Little Champions to learn and reach subsequent milestones on their swimming journey.

Though we are a non-competitive swimming school, we aim at excellence and pay careful attention to the quality of teaching. We keep swimming aids to minimum to allow children understand buoyancy and find their own balance. During our swimming classes we always make sure that a child is ready to move forward and on to the next step e.g. submersion. We are mindful of individual needs and each swimmer’s potential. We are attentive to our Little Champions’ fears and assist at overcoming them at their own pace. We help our pupils to develop a life-long relationship with water with awareness of its dangers but also a lasting love for swimming.

Swimming is a lifesaving skill that shouldn’t be underestimated. We agree that while ANYONE CAN DROWN, but NOBODY SHOULD. We are on a mission to help as many children as possible to learn how to swim, and share with them our passion for swimming and a happy and healthy lifestyle. Swim more, worry less!