Swimming lessons for toddlers

Exploring Buoyancy and Building Confidence: Our toddler classes foster early swimming skills and water safety through fun, supportive, and engaging activities. Our instructors cultivate a nurturing environment that promotes steady growth and water confidence, paving the way for a lifelong, safe, and healthy relationship with the water.

Our toddler classes are all about exploring and learning through having fun. With a variety of activities during each class and aid of songs and toys, we will help your child explore basics of buoyancy, encourage them to blow bubbles and submerge, and teach them to kick, float, move their arms, and push & glide, among other things. Through fun exercises, we will be setting a foundation to future swimming skills and prepare little ones to be safe in the water without their parents, with the switch happening usually around the age of 4.

All our toddler classes are with parents in the water which gives children a sense of safety and constant support while they explore, learn, and build their water confidence.

We will keep little swimmers engaged with songs and varying activities throughout lessons, yet keeping to the familiar routine each time which creates a safe environment and facilitate learning. Through a gentle approach, we will be building up your child’s confidence by positive encouragement, praise, and affirmations. We believe that each achievement should be celebrated, no matter how big or small. More wriggly toddlers will have a lot of opportunity to channel their energy into jumps in the water, diving in to collect rings or undertaking short, child-led underwater swims. We move to the next step only when we see that a child is ready for the challenge and allow time if a little swimmer needs more time and encouragement to overcome their fears.

During each lesson, we make sure that our swimmers improve their swimming ability and lifesaving skills while having a lot of fun and establishing a lifelong, safe, and healthy relationship with the water.