Swimming Lessons for Babies

Venture into the Exciting Aquatic Adventure with 'Six Steps into the Swimming World': An Engaging Baby Programme Cultivating Skills, Safety and a Lifelong Love of Water.

Our baby programme called Six Steps into the Swimming World takes bubbas on the amazing adventure of swimming learning. It includes 6 terms (usually between 5 to 8 weeks each). Every term is dedicated to one step.

During our classes we will teach your baby to roll, reach, hold on to objects, kick, float, turn, submerge (short dips when you and your baby are ready) and many more! Swimming sessions are a great time of family fun and bonding with your little one, when each week you learn and acquire new skills together. It is also the best possible training for your child in case of an accident and them falling into the water. Ability to roll over and float can save a life. 

The greatest journeys start with first small steps, and you can give your child a wonderful, long-lasting gift of the love of water and safety. Come and take six steps into the swimming world with us!